dough·y (d)
adj. dough·i·er, dough·i·est.
Having the consistency or appearance of dough. (doughi·ness n. )
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Antonym:, whose website you probably meant to go to. If you sent an e-mail to and they didn't get it, your spell-checker probably sent it to me at, and I deleted it. It's been going on for years. You couldn't be farther away from your intended destination.
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doughy \Dough"y\, a. Like dough; soft and heavy; pasty; crude; flabby and pale; as, a doughy complexion.
Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

doughy adj : having the consistency of dough because of insufficient leavening or improper cooking; "the cake fell; it's a doughy mess" [syn: soggy]
Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University

doughy \Doe + E\, a. Main characteristic of the individual who administers this website; Main characteristic of most of his friends.
Source: The English Language, Dumb-ass, © 1957 Your father's Oldsmobile and Mother's Apple Pie

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